Here you will find a list of modules already recognized in recent years. „Component title“: please include the name of the course here. SS courses before SS courses. . . „Component code“: include the course number, if any. Free the field in the absence of a course number indication. „Numbers of ECTS credits“: please indicate ECTS credits. Note: Do the credits apply for the entire academic year or only for one semester? Then, if necessary, halve the number of credits.

Information on the courses Lenguas y Comunicacion Julia-Sophie Rothmann, International Office, Justus-Liebig-University Gieen, Addresses of coordinators abroad are available on the fact sheets of partner universities., Tel.: 49 641 9931113 Goethestrasse 58, raum 105, 35390 Giessen,, recognitions are made through the module managers and not by the Erasmus office. That is why we cannot countersign recognition projects. That`s why it`s easy to quote „Mobility Window“ under „Component Title.“ Take the value ECTS Total Table A. Padua: 222 PORTUGAL: Braga: 222 (EU modern languages) Coimbra: 222 (languages and philologies) Description of the entire university`s leA license programs (80% of courses must be chosen in the field of LEA!) Institutional Coordinator: „Semester e.g. autumn/spring“: in which semester the course takes place. Include „Automn-Spring“ courses all year round. If you only participate in one semester, specify only the corresponding semester.