After the signing, both receive a notarized testimony. As there are two original duplications of the contract, this allows the second original to be kept in the notary`s minutes. The notarial contract is an official agreement between a citizen/permanent resident of South Africa and a foreign partner, which is in turn authenticated by a notarial lawyer. This treaty contains information such as the rights and privileges of their relationship. Each notarized contract is unique and does not have a standard format, as it depends on the couple`s requirements. Any notarized contract must be registered with the Clerk of Facts. This contract defines the rights and privileges of each party to the relationship under which the agreement is authenticated by a notary. This agreement must then be signed by both parties in the presence of the notary. Documents are prepared in accordance with notarized certification to deter fraud and ensure that they are executed correctly.

An impartial witness (the notary) identifies the signatories to verify the fraudsters and ensure that they have voluntarily and voluntarily entered into agreements. Loan documents, including documents, sworn insurance, contracts, proxies, are very common documents that require notarized certification. A notary is a person authorized to perform legal acts, including as a witness to signatures on documents. The form of the notary profession varies according to local legal systems. [1] A notary, also called a notary, can be used as a means of creating an environment of trust for the parties to an agreement. In order for a document to be certified notarized, it must have a declared obligation. The document must also contain the original signatures of the parties concerned. Before signing a document, notaries ask the parties concerned to obtain their identity card. A notary may refuse certification of a document if he is unsure of the identity of the signatory parties or there is evidence of fraud. The document then receives a notarized certificate and the seal of the notary who attended the signatures.

Sworn insurance refers to a conjugal relationship that allows the official authorization of a permanent conjugal relationship within the Republic of South Africa, with anything other than a marriage or customs union.