In the event that your employment ends as a result of your death or permanent disability (as defined below), you (or your estate) are entitled to the following: (i) you will also receive any basic salary that you have earned but has not yet been paid, (ii) payment of the leave, (iii) all unpaid refunds from the previous year , (iv) reimbursements for expenses not yet reimbursed. , all payments and benefits to which you are entitled in accordance with the terms of the pension plans and compensation plans in which you participate. The basic salary earned but unpaid and the payment of the leave are paid within 30 days of the termination of your employment contract and the bonus of the previous year will be paid to you at the same time if these bonuses are paid to other company executives for the previous year. That`s the end of it. The agreement should include provisions regarding the circumstances under which the parties can denounce the agreement, as well as the obligations of each party with respect to that denunciation. Models of association CEOs` contracts can be obtained within the association`s forum. The Resource Library and the Association`s website have model contracts developed by several law firms specializing in association law and employment contracts. If you terminate this contract after a change of control or a limited change in control, the restrictions in paragraph 9 below do not apply, and all restrictions on restricted stock subsidies that would otherwise expire within the next two years expire immediately (but under no circumstances do restrictions on less than fifty percent of the original limited shares) expire immediately (but under no circumstances do the restrictions expire on less than fifty per cent of the limited shares and you have the same rights to these limited shares. like any other shareholder in the company, including the right to offer these shares in a takeover bid. In addition, all current stock options under the option grant that would otherwise be transferred over the next two years will be exploited and operated at full capacity (but in no case less than fifty per cent of the options in the Initial Grant-Gilet option) cannot be exercised and remain execrable ninety (90) days after the termination of your employment contract. one. If your employment is terminated by the Corporation for this reason, you are not entitled to other benefits under this Agreement, except (i) your base salary earned but unpaid, (ii) payment of leave, (iii) COBRA and (iv) all those prescribed by law.

The basic salary earned but unpaid and the payment of the leave are made within 30 days of the termination of your employment relationship. The cause is (i) your intentional fault, which harms the interests of the company, (ii) your deliberate and substantial violation of your obligations or your refusal to follow an appropriate direction from the board of directors, or (iii) your indictment or insurrection of candidates nolo to a crime; However, provided that, in the case of (i) or ii) above, the cause is not available below, unless: a) the company sends you a properly detailed written notification of the event it considers to be cause, b) you cannot cure these events, if they are curable, within thirty (30) days of receiving such a written notification and (c) the board of directors , ruling by majority, then decides in the event of a majority decision. after you and your lawyer have given the opportunity why you think the events alleged at such a meeting are not a cause that exists below. Benefits and benefits. The agreement should specify the remuneration and benefits to be provided to the CEO. In addition to salary, reported benefits may include health, life and other insurance; holidays and other holidays; Premiums and incentives deferred pension benefits, professional affiliations and vocational training, as well as others, which have been agreed upon by the parties. This mail-order agreement (the „agreement“) sets out the conditions for your employment with Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.