Who can use this design agreement? This design arrangement model is intended to be used by an artist, illustrator or graphic designer, who is instructed by a client to prepare drawings or works of art This design contract is… The agent ensures that trademarks are exempt from third-party charges and rights and that he has all relevant documents proving his ownership with respect to trademarks and all applications. In addition, the agent guarantees that the marks are still valid and have not been revoked for non-use. Under current legislation, a licensee may be removed if it does not use its trademarks for a period of five years. Property: The buyer must know that the seller is the owner and has the right to transfer the mark without third parties having any interest or rights to the mark. The assignment therefore includes guarantees from the ceding company. This assignment provides for a number of obligations of the assignee, including the obligation to assist the assignee in practical and legal matters relating to the or marks. Guarantees are also granted to ensure the validity of the transfer and to reassure the agent. You can only transfer this right through a written agreement. Our standard trademark transfer contract includes this right as part of the rights that the agent entrusts to the agent. This section specifies that the agent is the holder of the trademarks listed in the first part of the calendar and the owner of all applications (if any), as indicated in Part 2 of the calendar.

If no app is available, the words must be deleted between brackets. In addition, it is stated in this section that the agent will transfer the marks on the basis of the terms set out in the agreement. The contract model contains a standard guarantee (which is a contractual commitment) that confirms that the agent is the owner (s) of the mark. It all sounds relatively simple, but you`d be amazed at how many errors slip into DIY tasks. By working with our team, we take the following steps to ensure that the divestment process proceeds smoothly: trademarks can be exploited directly by the trademark holder (i.e. through personal use), but a trademark holder can also earn revenue by delegating trademark rights to other parties through various methods such as divestiture. , licensing and their security in obtaining funds. This practical note deals with the sale and licensing of trademarks. The model contains provisions for situations in which the mark is sold and where it is transferred to the agent without any payment being made.

The later may be relevant if the mark is sold as part of a related transaction. For example, a business sale. This agreement is used when the marks are assigned by one party to another party. To be a valid assignment, a trademark assignment must be made in writing and signed by the assignee. The timing of this agreement should provide details of what will be made available and transferred as part of the transfer. It is important to be concise and to state precisely which intellectual property rights are being transferred. If possible, you should use registration numbers and add any samples that refer to work and equipment. Once you`ve purchased it, you can download the template agreement in Microsoft Word format.